Databox allows you to build dashboards & track performance from everywhere. You can connect your data from any tool and track it from any device – no more logging into dozens of different tools to understand your performance.

With Databox you and your team can easily connect your data, build and share reports, monitor trends, and discover insights.

My relationship with Databox

Databox Premier Partner badge

I am a Databox Premier Partner. That means I have completed specialized training in order to ensure I have the highest level of knowledge on creating near real time reports and providing the results my clients are looking for. 

Get help monitoring your business performance with Databox

Whilst Databox is quite easy to use I recognise that it requires an investment in time to learn how to use it, and a level of technical knowledge and ability that isn’t necessarily available to all business owners and managers.

If you sign up for a Databox account, you’ll find there’s a wealth of help available directly from Databox themselves. But if you want help from a UK-based consultant and coach with over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, management consultant and university lecturer, then one of my dashboard support plans will provide exactly that!

My done-for-you dashboard service

If the whole idea of signing up for Databox, and learning how to use it, puts you off using it, then my done-for-you dashboard service might be the answer you are looking for. I offer a range of “done-for-you” management information plans where all you need to do is decide what performance metrics you want to monitor and I’ll create your dashboards for you.