One way of keeping an eye on the performance of your business is to set up one or more dashboards which will provide you with up-to-date management information whenever you want, from wherever you happen to be, using virtually any device

Why you might need a dashboard

Most business owners and managers that I meet don’t know how their business performed yesterday, or even last week. In many cases they don’t even really know how they performed last month.

Typically that’s because:

  • the information they need simply isn’t available, or
  • the information they need is available, but it is widely dispersed across a range of different systems and sources so they never actually see all of it, or
  • they have access to so much information that they are overwhelmed and can’t “see the wood for the trees”.

If that sounds like you then keep reading to find out how business dashboards can help you get better management informationmake better decisions, and improve your business performance.

Build your own business dashboards

If you want to build your own dashboards then there’s a range of tools and services you can use.

My done-for-you dashboard service

I offer a range of “done-for-you” dashboard plans where all you need to do is decide what performance metrics you want to monitor and I’ll create, and maintain, your dashboards for you.

Dashboard support plans

Choose one of my dashboard support plans if you would like help setting up dashboards using your own Databox account, or if you need to supplement the support included with my done-for-you dashboard service.

Data sources you can connect to your dashboards

Whether you subscribe to my done-for-you dashboard service, or build your own dashboards with Databox, your dashboards can display information from over 120 data sources (which are essentially the software tools your business is probably already using).